Last weekend I had a photo shoot with Greta from Leeds Synchro, she has just qualified for the England Talent squad. Greta and her parents had set off for England training at 5am and left the photo shoot at 8.30pm, true dedication!

I made her a Solo performance suit. Greta wanted something inspired by the 2012 GB Olympic free duet costume, her theme is a Chinese bird in flight. I decided to go for Kingfisher colours, I think the costume ended up looking really rich.


Below is Greta’s Duet costume. The theme for the synchronised swimming duet is Irish dancing. The girls sent me a rough sketch of what they wanted to incorporate, their specifications were Irish clovers and laces up the back inspired by the laces on the traditional Irish dancing shoes. I chose to go with greens and orange fabrics, orange looks really vibrant in the water and fits with Irelands patriotic colours. I designed a braid headband which brings in a Celtic feel.

_DSC3079 _DSC3064


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