I had two new sets of team swimsuits swim at the Synchronised Swimming English Championships 2015. A goddess theme suit for Henley Synchronised Swimming Club and a Rio carnival theme for Rugby Synchronised swimming Club.


Henley did a combo routine to music depicting Greko-Roman Goddess’. The have white and gold sequins all over their swimsuits with Swarovski crystals too. There are many beige cut outs with gold straps and a one shoulder look to give a togaish feel to the outfit. The swimmers plaited white and gold ribbon into their hair.


Rugby’s theme was inspired by the Rio Carnival. I chose florescent colours in large bold prints, they had some sequins and crystals on the costumes. The head dress was a pink flower matching the swimsuit and pins around the bun. The older teams can pull off more beige cut outs, the flesh coloured parts can trick the eye to make eggbeater, head first boots and barracudas look higher. These were fun costumes to make, I think the bright colours look great in the water. I like how the swimmers have matched their make-up to the bright pink flowers.


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