Sponsored Swimmers

Genevieve Randall England solo swimmer. http://genevieverandall.uk/

Genevieve Randall wearing a selkie swimwear synchronised swimming costume at Baku


Greta Hampson England talent team member and Salford Club member. National age groups 2014 Bronze medallist for solo and figures in age 13-14 category.

Greta Hampson wearing a Selkie Swimwear Synchronised Swimming Costume


Mimi Gray England talent squad member and Reading Royals club member. National age groups 2014 gold medallist for solo and figures in age 12 and under category.

Synchronised swimming costume worn by Mimi Gray


Interested in a sponsorship?

The swimmer must be a current solo medal champion for their age group at the English national championships and/or a current solo medallist for English Championships. If this is you please email mikki@selkieswimwear.co.uk

Sponsorship entitles the swimmer to one custom solo swimsuit and headdress with Swarovski crystals and/or sequins at a reduced rate. This in exchange for a photo shoot with Selkie Swimwear, the swimmer will receive a handful of the best photos to use as they like. Selkie Swimwear will use these photos to advertise. If a photo shoot cannot be made with Selkie Swimwear then either submitted professional photos in a Selkie suit or Selkie photography will be taken at NAGs and/or English Championships. Other costume orders can be made for the swimmer at a reduced rate to be used for external photo shoots or other events, it is recommended that Selkies are not worn for everyday training.

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