Selkie Swimwear are unable to take any new orders at present

selkieatnags-1095 selkieatnags-1099 selkieatnags-1105 selkieatnags-1115 selkieatnags-1119 selkieatnags-1120 selkieatnags-1136 selkieatnags-1138Below are the girls who swam at NAGs in the swimsuits I had made for them.

selkieatnags-1056 selkieatnags-1063selkieatnags-1051 selkieatnags-1066 selkieatnags-1067 selkieatnags-1073 selkieatnags-1078 selkieatnags-1080 selkieatnags-1081 selkieatnags-1086 - Copyselkieatnags-1090 - Copyselkieatnags-1093

Well done girls!

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